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Trico Centre Website

Trico Centre Website

Trico Centre for Family Wellness are one of the lucky ones that get to use ExpressionEngine to manage their website. The ease of use was a no-brainer for the staff at Trico Centre to decide on ExpressionEngine. Though it isn't hard to convince someone of the power of ExpressionEngine, I was happy to explain why WordPress just wouldn't cut it.

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • ExpressionEngine Setup/Integration
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ExpressionEngine is a much more robust system and simple to use for anyone, even my mom can use it, and she does. I worked with the staff at Trico and we decided on a final design before I built out their site in ExpressionEngine, then gave them some lessons on using ExpressionEngine. Next they added all of their content and were even able to create the menu on their own in the format that worked for their business, they created and manage all of their contact forms. Before launch I enabled the powerful caching features offered by EE and the site loads extremely fast for all of their visitors. With close to 800 visitors a day, their website is helping to propel them into the modern age of the internet.